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6 Reasons to Feed your Dog Fresh Homemade Food

Whether you call them “Man’s Best Friend,” “fur babies,” or “pets,” your dog is a member of the family. And like any member of the family, they deserve the best. Maybe you bought them a special bed, filled with cedar shavings. Maybe you outfitted the family vehicle to ensure their safety. Or you make sure they are wearing their life vest every time the family enjoys time on the water.

One of the best things you can do for your dog is to feed them the best quality food available. There’s nothing better than fresh homemade food. Dr. Gary Richter, veterinarian and member of Rover’s Dog People panel of experts says, “the closer to fresh, whole food diets you feed, the healthier your dog is likely to be.”

Let’s look at 6 reasons why you should feed your dog fresh homemade food.

#1: You want them to live a long life. And to help ensure that, you are concerned with their diet and the ingredients in their food. You do internet research, you read labels—or at least try to—and you know it’s good food when you can read the label, pronounce the ingredients, and identify their health benefits.

#2: Processed dog food ingredients can be confusing. Is chicken bone meal bad? What about cornmeal byproduct? Should dogs be gluten-free? What fruits or vegetables are safe and healthy for dogs? Stick around, because this blog will definitely touch on all of these elements as we move forward.

#3: You’d like to avoid some of the side effects of gastric distress that can come with dog food. Admit it, cleaning up after certain dog messes is not fun. And knowing your special friend is in distress is the worst! Feeding your fur baby homemade food like boiled chicken, cooked (skinned) sweet potatoes, and small amounts of rice can alleviate these symptoms. And making sure these ingredients are in their diet going forward can help stop the distress in the future.  If making your own food feels overwhelming, we provide homemade food for your pup delivered straight to your door.

#4: Keeping them healthy also means less trips to the vet! Just like humans, when animals eat better, they have fewer health issues. Help them avoid an upset stomach, skin irritations, and immune disorders with a healthy diet.

#5: A healthy dog means more time to play and explore. Maybe you adopted a dog for your kids, maybe to get outdoors and go for walks. Whatever the reason, just like humans, dogs need time to play, and a good diet means more play. And that good diet can be found in fresh, homemade food. Think of it like whole foods for your pet.

#6: A healthy dog is a happy dog. When your family pet is happy, it makes you happy. Seeing their eyes light up when it’s dinner time or time to go for a walk shows you that you are doing it right.


Does this mean you have to make your own dog food at home?

You want the best for your pet but sometimes you don’t have time to make two (or more) homemade meals for them a day. That’s where Pet Food Coach can save the day! We’ve done the research and created balanced, wholesome homemade food for dogs that can be delivered directly to you or picked up at different convenient locations in Bend, OR.


So whether your canine friend is a pup, an adult, or a senior, there’s no time like now to get them on a fresh, homemade diet. Just think of how many sloppy kisses you’ll get when they taste this amazing dog food. You might be jealous of their dinnertime.

Kat Feuerstein