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Are Sweet Potatoes Safe for Dogs?

While sweet potatoes might be most well-known as a Thanksgiving side dish, these roots make excellent year-round eats. They are high in beta carotene, a rich source of vitamins A, E, C, and B6, iron, and potassium, among others. They are also a good source of fiber.

What’s even better is that they are good for dogs!

Nutritional Value of Sweet Potatoes

That’s right: sweet potatoes are often used as a source of fiber and carbohydrates in commercially manufactured dog food, especially as a grain-free alternative. This source of fiber can also encourage regular, healthy bowel movements, and alleviate constipation and diarrhea. 

And because dogs don’t generally take a multivitamin, supplying them with essential vitamins like C and A from sweet potatoes can help keep their eyes, muscles, nerves, skin, and immune system healthier.

Beta carotene, the powerful antioxidant that gives sweet potatoes their yellow, gold, or orange (and sometimes purple) coloring, is also known to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer while also providing protection against heart disease.

Sweet Potatoes in Dog Food 

At Pet Food Coach, we believe that food is food!

Our homemade food includes sweet potatoes as the second ingredient, just behind the protein.

Sweet potatoes should only be served fully cooked and skinless, as the skin is harder for dogs to digest, and, because they are a carbohydrate, not as a sole source of nutrition.

Sweet Potatoes in Dog Snacks

Beyond its inclusion in dog food, sweet potato treats and snacks are also great for your pup.

One simple and easy treat is sweet potato crisps. Thinly slice the sweet potato and place on a parchment-covered baking sheet. Bake at 250 degrees for 3 hours.

Dehydrated sweet potato dog chews are also a great treat and can be purchased directly from us. These treats make an excellent alternative to rawhide chews, which have been known to cause problems for many dogs.

You can also make your own sweet potato and peanut butter spread to fill a KONG or similar dog toy for a fun playtime snack.


So whether you are interested in making your own dog treats, or upgrading your pups daily diet with Pet Food Coach’s fresh, homemade food, you can be confident in knowing how beneficial sweet potatoes are to your dog’s diet and lifestyle.

Kat Feuerstein