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Cooking Class

Learn to cook for your dog


Making food for your dogs, especially while in their company, is a joyful experience that creates a stronger deeper bond with your pet.

Many folks are interested in making their dog’s food but have been scared off by the cacophony of conflicting information out there. Other folks might be inclined to buy fresh food from a company like Pet Food Coach but, since they own an 80-pound dog or two, the pricing is prohibitive.

We have a solution: we will give you our recipes and teach you exactly how to make our food! Our recipes were formulated by Veterinary Nutritionists and use whole food ingredients you can buy at the grocery store. Those ingredients—combined with our proprietary vitamin mineral mix—create complete dog food for adult dogs. By doing the prep work yourself, you save money and get to build a deeper pack bond with your dog(s).

At Pet Food Coach, our mission is to make better food choices available for our dogs. We feel good about helping you get your best buddy on a diet that he will thrive on.

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