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Food & Processing

Excellent quality real food products for dogs


We believe that our dogs benefit just as much as we do from eating fresh food made from minimally processed ingredients.

Our gluten free recipes have been designed by Veterinary Nutritionists and are balanced for adult dogs. Each are made from mostly Oregon local, always USA ingredients which are Non-GMO.

Our feeds are delicious meatloaf-like products your dog will love as much as you love giving it to them.

These are hand made products from our commercial kitchen where we:

  • procure ingredients from the same human food vendors that supply local markets and restaurants

  • physically handle and inspect each ingredient as we carefully weigh them before processing

  • very thoroughly grind and mix all of the ingredients to create a meatloaf

  • cook in a specialized low temp steam oven to make a safe product that doesn’t have the nutrients and good flavor cooked away

After the cook/chill process we package our food in butchers paper using as little plastic wrap as possible. Our hand packaging system allows us to customize packaging for subscribing customers to create custom portion sizes. Ask us about this service if you are interested.