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How To Get Your Food

Pick up or home delivery


We are thankful to be partnering with Agricultural Connections to provide convenient pickup locations or in-home delivery.  See below for specific details for each option.

If you have any additional questions regarding the best solution for your dog, email us at

Pick Up ($2 fee*)

Orders placed prior to 10:00am on Monday will be available for pickup at Agricultural Connections pickup points on Wednesdays.

  • Northeast - AC Warehouse (20780 NE High Desert Lane #1, Bend, OR 97701) 1-4pm

  • Eastside - Jackson's Corner (1500 NE Cushing Dr, Bend, OR 97701) 4-6pm

  • Westside - Box Factory Breezeway (1550 SW Industrial Way) 3-6pm

*please note, that orders that are not picked up will be assessed a $5 fee.

Home Delivery ($8 fee)

Want the convenience of having your dogs pet food delivered straight to your door each month? We have you covered!

Orders placed prior to 10:00am on Monday will be delivered on Wednesday. Home deliveries are typically between 1-4pm on Wednesdays and are also handled by Agricultural Connections.

Make it easy on yourself by signing up for a subscription so you don't have to worry about reordering your food each month! Contact us at to purchase food on a monthly basis.