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Meet Betsy


Our dog Betsy is THE COACH! Not only is she the inspiration for our business, she is a once in a lifetime dog, the best friend a person could ever ask for!

As a puppy and young dog we had a hard time finding a dog food that steadily worked for her. After several years of trying varied commercial dog feeds, Betsy never achieved steadily good health. She “coached” us in this regard by refusing to eat or by having bad reactions to the food. We were convinced for a while that she must have allergies and we spent a lot of time trying to figure that out with not much luck. We found the process of trying to find an appropriate feed for frustrating and distressing because we loved our Betsy but all these products marked “dog food” just didn’t give her good health.

When Betsy was sick to her stomach we would put her on a limited ingredient ‘elimination’ diet—usually something like chicken and rice. Over time we realized that she seemed to be in the best health during these in-between periods while eating a limited ingredient whole food diet.

This realization lead to research, consultation with veterinary nutritionists, and finally to the products and service offered here as we became convinced that a diet based in minimally processed whole foods is the best way to feed any animal.

These days Betsy eats a rotating diet of Pet Food Coach products with excellent results. She doesn’t seem to have any allergies, just turned 14, and is full of energy and life!

Meet Curt and Lynn


We are Curt and Lynn, the owners of Pet Food Coach. We are both animal lovers and lovers of the natural world who moved to Central Oregon from Baltimore with the plan to start Pet Food Coach. Having heard that Bend was a pretty cool place that self-describes as the best place in the country to be a dog, we thought, “we have the right food for that pack!”

Lynn, while maintaining her remote career in commercial real estate, manages the business functions of Pet Food Coach. Curt makes the food and manages sales. We are both at the Northwest Crossing Saturday Farmers Market in booth number 97. Please stop by and say hi!