Fresh Pet Food in
Convenient Packaging

Our Process

Our goal for this business is to create excellent quality real food products for dogs and to give clarity to our pet food making process & ingredient sourcing.


Sourcing quality ingredients, suitable for making dog food, has been the most challenging part of bringing this business to market. Toward that goal, we have invested a lot of time and effort and we are very proud of the results we have achieved.  We believe that food is food and our dogs benefit just as much as we do from eating a diet made from minimally processed fresh whole food ingredients. One could argue that they benefit even more than we do since they already have a heartbreakingly short lifespan, doesn’t it make sense to use high-quality food to try to foster a longer healthier life?  Socrates said “Let food be thy medicine”, we say “Let Food be THEIR medicine!”.

Our Recipies and Process

We offer three basic recipes; Beef, Chicken and Pork, each are made from gluten-free, Non-GMO & mostly organic ingredients.  

These recipes have been designed and balanced to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards for adult life stage dogs with help from a team of American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN) Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists.  We make our food in small batches and are able to customize any of our recipes or create new recipes, based on the direction of your Vet or nutritionist.

We physically handle and inspect each ingredient as we carefully weigh them before processing.  Then we very thoroughly grind and mix all of the ingredients to create a product with a meatloaf type consistency.

Thorough grinding is important because dogs have shorter digestive systems and gut hold times so they are unable to break down the cell walls of certain plant-based ingredients which, without the grind just pass through without giving any nutrition.

After processing, we spread the food onto stainless steel pans and place them into our specialized low-temperature ovens which perform a bag-less sous vide cook of the food.  Sous vide cooking is popularized for humans by fancy restaurants like The French Laundry in Napa but it’s actually a pretty simple technology that offers lots of benefits for making dog food.  

Our water bath heated ovens maintain temps to within tenths of a degree so the cook of our food is perfectly even, 165 for pork and chicken, 159 for beef. There’s no nutrient loss due to overcooking in hot spots or at the edges of the product as with conventional ovens.  Another benefit of water vapor cooking is the food cooks in its own juices with no moisture loss. This is a low and slow cooking process so the food steeps in its own juices for 2 hours per batch producing a flavor that dogs go bonkers for!

After the low and slow cook, we chill the food down to 40 degrees before packaging.  We take a minimalist approach to packaging our dog food which we are able to accomplish as a local-focused company making food, not for retail shelves but as demand obliges us.  We make standard half pound and full pound portions to sell at the farmers market, each is individually weighed and labeled which gives us a final physical inspection of our food before we send it off to your dog’s bowl.

How it works

For our subscribing customers who elect to use our portioning service, it works like this:

  • For the $8 fee, we will deliver to you up to a 30 day supply of perfectly portioned food for your dog.  
  • A days food means 2 feedings in our book so for say a 2 week supply for your pup we would deliver to you 28 portions.
  • Each individually wrapped portion is in deli sheet wrapped in our butchers paper with a seal and we freeze it till delivery.
  • Once the food is received, place it in the freezer and remove portions 24 hours in advance so that they may safely thaw in your refrigerator before serving.

A 30 days supply means 60 portions and for customers who are able and willing to buy our food in 30-day supplies, we offer a bonus portion of our super healthy single ingredient treats and cookies.


How to Get Your Food

We are thankful to be partnering with Agricultural Connections to provide in-home delivery or convenient pickup locations.  See below for specific details for each option.

If you have any additional questions regarding the best solution for your dog, email us at

Pick Up ($2 fee*)

Orders placed prior to 10:00am on Monday will be available for pickup at Agricultural Connections pickup points on Wednesdays.

Northeast AC Warehouse (20780 NE High Desert Lane #1, Bend, OR 97701) 1-4pm

Eastside Jackson's Corner (1500 NE Cushing Dr, Bend, OR 97701) 4-6pm

Westside Box Factory Breezeway (1550 SW Industrial Way) 3-6pm

*please note, that orders that are not picked up will be assessed a $5 fee.

 Home Delivery ($8 fee)

Want the convenience of having your dogs pet food delivered straight to your door each month?  We have you covered!

Orders placed prior to 10:00am on Monday will be delivered on Wednesday.  Home deliveries are typically between 1-4pm on Wednesdays and are also handled by Agricultural Connections.

Make it easy on yourself by signing up for a subscription so you don't have to worry about reordering your food each month.



Where do you make your dog food?

Our food is made in a commercial kitchen right here in Bend, OR.  Eagle Mountain Church on 3rd Street has allowed us to set up our kitchen at their location.

What ingredients are in your dog food?

Our gluten-free dog food is made from fresh whole food ingredients.  We use all organic, non-GMO produce, grains, and oil. Our meats are locally sourced, non-GMO, hormone and antibiotic free.

Do you make your treats at the same place?

No, our treats are made to our specification at a USDA inspected facility that is exclusively devoted to making dog food products from only USA ingredients.

Does your food fulfill all my pups dietary requirements?

Aside from our regular feeds, we have the ability to create custom recipes to fulfill the dietary needs of any dog.  Our first three recipes are formulated for “adult life stage” dogs. We plan to launch additional formulations for puppies, lactating, and geriatric dogs in the future.

Where can I get your food?

We offer a direct to consumer service (kitchen to bowl) with a variety of delivery options, see “deliveries” on our site.  We will also be at the NW Crossing Farmers Market each Saturday this summer starting on June 8th.

Is your food good for all breeds and sizes?

Our standard feeds should be an excellent choice for any breed or size dog and we have the ability through our customization service to adjust any recipe to suit the needs of more difficult customers.  We also provide portioning assistance to ensure that you feed your dog the right amount of food for their size.

Do you deliver?

Yes!  We have several different options for you to ensure you get your food for your pup.  Our deliveries page has all the updated options for you.

Is your food gluten-free?

Yes!  We have gluten-free options.  As our product offerings will be growing, be sure to check the individual product page to ensure the food you are ordering is gluten-free.

Is your food grain free?

No, our recipes include about 15-18% gluten-free organic grains.  We use high-quality grains like organic quinoa in our foods. Our food labels are clean and easy to read and are available on each individual product page.

Is your food non-GMO?

Yes, we do not use GMO ingredients for any of our products.

How do I know how much food to feed my dog?

We have complete feeding charts for each of our feeds on our website.  Visit the product page you’re interested in. If you’re wanting customized food for your dog, we can do that for you as well.

Does it come already pre-portioned?

We do offer a pre-portioning service for our customers for which we charge a $10 fee.  For that, we will individually weigh out up to 60 individual portions giving you up to a 30 day supply of perfect portions for 2 feedings per day.  We accomplish this by using simple deli sheets to wrap each portion. Then we wrap all the portions together in butchers paper wrap with a label. You put the package in the freezer and remove individual portions for feeding as needed.

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