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Happy dogs, happy customers

Rae’s puppy

From rae:

“It was my pup’s first birthday yesterday and she absolutely loved her PFC doggy cupcake (see photo)! Thanks for high quality, gourmet doggo treats like this :)”

From Amber:

“My 17 year old Yorkshire Terrier literally BOUNDED to his dish for his beef flavored Pet Food Coach food. He has a very sensitive stomach and he had zero problems with this food. We are both BIG FANS of Pet Food Coach.”

From Kathie:

“Eric loved his Pet Food Coach yummies. He had some of both the chicken and beef formulas, seemed equally excited about both. I mixed it with his regular kibble and some water. He was noticeably more excited than usual, I'm sure he could smell the difference from just his regular kibble. He was standing up on his back legs (he's 10, he hardly ever does that anymore, at least not for his "regular" food) and couldn't wait for me to put the dish down before he wanted to dig in. I started with a larger proportion of the PFC food, then scaled it back and even just putting a small amount in with his kibble, made a big difference in his interest level. I did feed him plain kibble with water a few times in between to make sure he wasn't just all of a sudden re-excited about his regular food, and he wasn't. :)”

From Aren:

“Max loved his food and couldn't wait to get more! He thought he was getting a real treat!”

From Jaime:

“My dogs have absolutely loved having PFC added to their regular kibble. I have noticed less skin irritation in all of my dogs! I even had a hard time keeping my cat out of it!”

From Kacie:

“The dogs loved their food/treats and I'm looking forward to purchasing more at this weekend’s market if you are there!

As far as the packaging, I appreciate the thought that went into it. I find it easy to read/understand, the design is beautiful, and it's easy to handle and work with.

Right now, I'm adding the chubs as a "topper" if you will, to the Northwest Naturals raw meals. The dogs have been absolutely loving it and I find it adds some extra "oomph" to their meals.”