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There are literally thousands of miles of trails to explore in Central Oregon and who doesn’t want to bring their dogs to run on trails? TrailRunner dog food is formulated to provide optimal nutrition to keep your dogs full of energy and running down those trails for as long as possible.


We offer chicken and beef recipes (more to come!) in formulations specific to puppy, adult, and geriatric dogs. These recipes have been custom designed to our specification by ACVN board-certified veterinary nutritionists. With the guidance of our nutritionists, we have also designed a proprietary vitamin and chelated trace mineral mix that when added to our food assures complete and balanced nutrition.

About Our Processing
After grinding and mixing our ingredients, we then vacuum-seal our food in certified BPA-free, food-safe pouches (absent of phthalates and other plasticizers known to increase estrogenic activity). We then use a precise low temperature cooking method popular in high quality restaurants called “sous-vide” which means under pressure. This technique allows us to cook our feeds to a specific 165° for poultry or 159° for beef without ever exceeding that temperature. This cooking method allows us to eliminate dangerous microorganisms and provide increased food safety assurance. Compared to high-heat canning or typical stove-top cooking the advantages of sous vide include better nutrient retention and improved flavor.

Pet Food Coach makes treats from dehydrated slices of whole foods like sweet potato, salmon skin, flank steak, chicken strips, hearts, and livers.